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Intersection of Green & Wood StreetsCan the shadows of the past enlighten those living today about the life and times in Bodie, California during its heyday in the late 19th century?

Can the remnants of the ghost town be woven into a rich tapestry that tells the story of a bygone era in such a way that it captures the heart and soul of its former community?

Can the history of the buildings and their former occupants be developed into a unique and interactive narrative that truly captures the personal motivations and passions of those who once inhabited Bodie?

Can the web of relationships that developed between Bodie's citizenry during the forty-year rise and fall of the town be recreated into a complex and compelling story based upon the physical manifestation of its remaining architecture?

Can a three-dimensional immersive, realistic environment provide a better experience and a more truthful representation for describing the history of Bodie than other conventional methods?

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