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deborah ~ Vladi ~ Rosa
      deborah clarkson ~ Vladi Andric ~ Rosa Gudino
              In order of appearance on photo!

We are pursuing a Masters Degree in Multimedia at CSU East Bay, which was formerly named CSU Hayward, and it is a two year program.

The focus of the first year is upon mastering presentation skills using the industry standard "tools of the trade". Yes, it is a lot of hard work, and yes, it is worth it!!!
Even if you already have strong skills, working on fast-paced, short-term projects is going to hone them even more! Also, you research the events that shaped this new phenomenon which is very enlightening!

Most of the assignments in the first year are team based. The teams are generated randomly so that students have an opportunity to work with many of the others.
This is really good because it gives you an chance to learn how you respond to
different work ethics and personalities.

At the end of the first year, each student must make an individual presentation to show their competency. That is followed by the formation of teams for the 2nd year group project. Students choose their own teams and decide what the thesis for their group project will be.

The second year of the program is devoted to developing and completing the thesis.
This is an incredible opportunity to devote our time and energy for an entire year to
one project! Working as a team is a truly rewarding experience and the project improves as the group interacts.

Areas of Study and Formal Training:

  • Principles of Digital Media Multimedia
  • Network & Hardware Development
  • Multimedia Software Development
       Max-MSP, Flash with ActionScript, Final Cut Pro
  • Application of Learning Theories to Multimedia Design
  • Business Basics in Multimedia
  • Multimedia Seminars
  • Introduction to Multimedia Project Development
  • Multimedia Development I
  • Multimedia I: Animation
  • Multimedia II: Digital Video & Audio
       Final Cut Pro, SoundBooth, Amadeus
  • Tangible Environments
       Flash with ActionScript
  • Interactive Authoring
       Flash with ActionScript
  • Art for the Web
       Flash, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Fireworks

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