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Welcome to the Story of Bodie

"The Story of Bodie - Stereoscopic Archiving" is our project for our multimedia graduate degree.  We created a 3D immersive environment using stereoscopic HD video to tell the story of the infamous ghost town of Bodie, California.

The creation of a stereoscopic archive for future generations is in its conceptual phase and the "Story of Bodie" is the first step into the embryonic stage. Video by itself is insufficient in capturing the personal motivations and passions of those who once inhabited Bodie, so interactive narrative is integrated into the project. The history of the buildings and their former occupants is woven into a rich tapestry that tells the story of a bygone era in such a way that it captures the heart and soul of its former community.

Users discover and experience this unique ghost town, that is presently in a perpetual state of "arrested decay", in a new and different way. They are immersed into Bodie via the three-dimensional imagery captured with an adapter-equipped digital camera and displayed via a stereoscopic visor that is worn by the users during their immersion into the environment.

This allows the users to have a more realistic, spatial feel for Bodie and keeps their interest while touring the town. Not only do users get a better view of the architecture and surrounding area but they also get a better feel for its eerie atmosphere through the use of an appropriate soundtrack, which accompanies a corresponding audio track that describes each building, artifact or location along their journey.

Foley sounds are also added to the soundtrack and correspond to each particular area that a user is seeing as well as to the ground where the user is walking. For example, if a user walks into the store with a wooden floor, the echo of footsteps is heard. Likewise, if the user walks past a sawmill, the whirring sound of blades planing the lumber into boards is heard.

The addition of lively conversation near a saloon, horses neighing and the "hustle and bustle" of everyday life enriches the user's experience. This not only give users a feel of how life actually was once in Bodie but it also creates an auditory spatial reference with which to associate, in case they decide to walk back through an area again. There is a continuous soundtrack in the background that reflects the current desolate mood of this town.

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